What i do...
For over 17 years I've spent my life learning, adapting, leading, coaching, developing, and contributing to projects ranging from bootstrapped indie titles to AAA (and everything in between). As a life-long artist, my passion is to create, invoke, and drive amazing stories using real-time technology as my medium. I love nothing more than taking good ideas and turning them into great ones. I've had the privilege of working with some exceptional folks and projects over my career. I look forward to continuing to learn, adapt, and drive emerging technology in the space of real-time technology.

Bad Rhino Studios | (2015-Present)
 I currently own and operate Bad Rhino Studios; an independent game/software development company based in the Midwest. My studio specialize in Unreal Engine 4 development, Commercial Applications, Educational Experiences, as well as traditional Video Game development services.
Digital-Flare | (15 years)
For years this was my side-hustle and a way of bridging gaps in my professional experience that weren't achieved through a traditional "nine-to-five". This included web development, business consulting, video/audio production, game development, and advanced technology services. Some of my best years of growth as a professional were achieved through this freelancing.
Freelancer | (12 years)
As a Lead/Sr. Artist for a handful of game studios, my responsibilities have included guiding and leading small teams of artists, setting tone and structure for art style and direction, establishing art production pipelines, performance and profiling assessments, as well as contributing to these projects.
Cubic Applications | (12 years)
My primary tasks included creating and deploying 3D interactive simulations for military training purposes, prototyping advanced, interactive systems, as well as subject matter expertise on adapting COTS gaming software and technology to bridge gaps in training for military applications. Through our group's efforts, we were able to fundamentally change the way the Military uses technology for training; significantly reducing the costs associated with training and simulations and the quality of training as experienced by using gaming technology.
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